Even After That

Even After That
Written by: Judith de Wilde
Published by: AuthorHouse Publishing Company
Date published: 10/13/2010
ISBN: 978-1-45202-231-4
Available in Paperback
Even After That - a Poetry Book


Losing a loved one is a painful, life changing experience.No one can really know how you feel. Even After That travels through the grief over the death of a loved one to the path of healing and recovery. The collection of easily read and understood poems deals with everyday events and feelings a survivor may encounter.The book is illustrated with photographs inspired by the poems. In the words of the recently widowed author”For those of you who have been torn apart from your life partner,for those of you who have not I open my heart to share with you the tapestry of loving and losing to perhaps make it easier for you.”



And then slowly it happens
Shadows become reflections
Changing at a comforting pace
Memories become reflectors
Giving back the years of joy and love
Where there were only tears, smiles begin to come
And I know with God’s help I will heal
Reflections,now larger than shadows
Will be all that I remember”

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