How to Self-Market as an Author Using Social Media

How to Use by AuthorHouse Publishing Tips

You’ve written a book and have already published it, but the question is, how will it go beyond your own circle of family and friends to new readers around the world? In order to find a larger audience, you must know how to reach people through social media sites and so-called “social engagement”.

You may be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even WordPress, but all these would benefit from the help of a well-known content curation tool like AuthorHouse uses for a lot of reasons, as it’s not just for content curation but content aggregation as well. This means it gives everyone the ability to create their own digital magazines or related collections and to share them across the internet according to a user’s particular interests.

How to Use by AuthorHouse Publishing Tips

Top Reasons Why We Share Content:

  • To be noticed quickly.
  • To easily identify larger articles or content that matches our reader’s interest.
  • To publish in popular and interesting magazines or websites.
  • To create a core center for all of our social media feeds, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • To easily grab our followers’ interest with our topic and to gain exposure in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • To connect with a community of curators with the same interests or likes.

Steps to Create a Account

  1. Just go to this link: and sign up using your email account, if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to connect. Please verify and confirm your account through email so that your account will be activated.
  2. Go to Settings once you are logged in. In Settings, you can use Edit Profile to modify your account accordingly. Your account can be free or paid (we use a free plan.) Use Sharing Options to connect to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Finally, select your email notification preferences and hit SAVE!
  3. Go to MY TOPICS and created a TOPIC according to your area of interest (four topics is the maximum for a free plan.) See the screenshots authorhouse
  4. Content Curation: For curating content with the URL, click the NEW SCOOP button and a pop-up window will appear. Enter the link in the box and click the blue button at the side. See below:                                                                                                                              authorhouse 3
  5. Another pop-up window will appear once the blue button is clicked. There you can classify it into either MY CURATED TOPICS or MY FOLLOWED TOPICS. –MY FOLLOWED TOPICS: Just choose an interesting topic that matches the content that you want to curate and recommend. –MY CURATED TOPICS: Once you’re done choosing a category, you may click the title, the content, or the image to edit it before sharing it with all of your social media accounts. Once you are done, hit PUBLISH! authorhouse 4
  6. Just do that once or twice daily and soon your content will appear in search engine results.

These were just a few tips on how to market your book through social media as an AuthorHouse author via tools like

Happy curating, everyone!

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