AuthorHouse Childrens : Lucas Comes to America

AuthorHouse Books

Children will be love this light-hearted story about the relationship between a lovable dog and its adoring new owner. AuthorHouse published author, Carolyn Farb, takes young readers through the daily events that a puppy like Lucas experiences and the adjustments he has to make when he moves from Manchester, England to his new home in Texas, USA. Farb captures the spirit of a puppy through her narrative and illustrations. Clarion’s Alicia Sondhi rated Lucas Comes to America with three stars. Our AuthorHouse reviewers believe it deserves a strong four stars.

Foreword Clarion Official Review by Alicia SondhiAuthorHouse Childrens : Lucas Comes to America

The beloved dog of a philanthropist, Lucas is a very lucky terrier. In Lucas Comes to America, four- to eight-year-old readers get a picture of his wonderful life. From his home in Manchester, England, Lucas travels all the way to Texas, where he meets his new mom, Caroline. She, like author Carolyn Farb…

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