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Jane Beck’s Publishing Experience

There are many things to consider when you decided to publish a book, not the least of which is whether to self-publishing or pursue a traditional publishing deal. In Jane Beck’s case, the former beat the latter to the punch;

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The Poetry of Grief

EvenAfterThat authorhouse

Since ink was first put on parchment, people have used poetry to express their emotions. Author Judith de Wilde continues this tradition with Even After That, which Kirkus Reviews describes as “quiet, beautiful poetry of bereavement.” Judith’s verses, accompanied by

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AuthorHouse Testimonial from Patrick G. Cox

AuthorHouse Testimonial from Patrick Cox Book

Who’s in the mood for an adventure? Well, author Patrick G. Cox has adventures to share with his readers. Patrick has published two books with the AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company:  Out of Time, available in e-book and softcover formats, and

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Even After That

EvenAfterThat authorhouse

Even After That Written by: Judith de Wilde Published by: AuthorHouse Publishing Company Date published: 10/13/2010 ISBN: 978-1-45202-231-4 Available in Paperback OVERVIEW: Losing a loved one is a painful, life changing experience.No one can really know how you feel. Even

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How to Write a Celebrity Memoir by Blake Sebring

authorhouse author blake sebring with his Celebrity Memoir books

Blake Sebring is a well-known sports author who has published three books with the Authorhouse Publishing Company: Legends of the Komets by Blake Sebring Live from Radio Rinkside (The Bob Chase Story) by Bob Chase as told by Blake Sebring

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Out Of Time

Out Of Time in Authorhouse

Out Of Time Written by: Patrick G. Cox Published by: AuthorHouse Publishing Company Date published: 10/26/2006 ISBN: 978-1-42595-995-1 Available in Paperback Overview: “Out of time” is a story about three young men dragged by a freak accident from the early

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Q And A with AuthorHouse Author Arsi Mckhoi

The Chronicles of Valdez - fiction book in authorhouse publishing

AuthorHouse Author’s Digest welcomes Arsi Mckhoi as we feature his debut guest article today.  The AuthorHouse author is a co-writer for the YouTube series Enter the Dojo and is an award-winning screenwriter, receiving a Reader’s Digest Award for the romantic

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AuthorHouse Reviews | Red Dobbs

darkness authorhouse book

AuthorHouse author Red Dobbs has succeeded in finding her audience and is planning to deliver her story’s next installment very soon, according to her AuthorHouse review. “AuthorHouse published my book and I have sold hundreds so far. I will have

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AuthorHouse November Bookstore Featured Author, Giancarlo Gabbrielli

Giancarlo Gabbrielli Authorhouse author

Multi-published AuthorHouse author Giancarlo Gabbrielli is an Italian who has lived in Canada for many years. He is a highly regarded socio-political commentator and has had articles on the subject published in numerous newspapers and has contributed extensively to the

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