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Tips for Writing Your Autobiography

In our last installment, AuthorHouse presented our self-publishing writers with five tips for writing biographies. This time, we’d like to shift focus a little, and let the author turn the camera (or the keyboard) towards herself. In other words, we’d

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Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

tips for writing historical fiction

Historical fiction is one of the most challenging and research-intensive genres of fiction—and also one of the most potentially interesting and rewarding! If you aspire to write about other times and places but don’t know where to start, let AuthorHouse

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How to Self-Publish your Book?

How to Self-Publish your Book in wordpress

Hiring a literary agent is expensive and time-consuming. Over 98% of all unsolicited manuscripts submitted to traditional book publishing companies are rejected.  AuthorHouse is well-suited to your need as an author, allowing you to control all aspects of the process

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How to Write a Celebrity Memoir by Blake Sebring

authorhouse author blake sebring with his Celebrity Memoir books

Blake Sebring is a well-known sports author who has published three books with the Authorhouse Publishing Company: Legends of the Komets by Blake Sebring Live from Radio Rinkside (The Bob Chase Story) by Bob Chase as told by Blake Sebring

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