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10 Top Tips for Writing Horror

10 tips in writing horror today

With Halloween upon us, what better time to curl up and read a good ghost story—or write one! Today, AuthorHouse presents ten tips for ratcheting up the tension in your own self-published horror tale. Make your readers care about your

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AuthorHouse Author Challenge for the Month of October 2013

  October 2013 Author Challenge At the AuthorHouse Writer Advice Center this month, we presented tips for writing biographies and autobiographies. This month’s challenge: Most people have never had a biography written about them. Of those unchronicled lives, who do

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Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

tips for writing historical fiction

Historical fiction is one of the most challenging and research-intensive genres of fiction—and also one of the most potentially interesting and rewarding! If you aspire to write about other times and places but don’t know where to start, let AuthorHouse

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Participate in Our July 2013 AuthorHouse Author Challenge

Participate in Our July 2013 AuthorHouse Author Challenge

The biggest publishing news in July was that J. K. Rowling, the author of the world-famous Harry Potter series, wrote a mystery novel under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The novel climbed right to the top of the bestseller lists last

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Tips on Knowing if your Book is Good

authorhouse Tips on Knowing if your Book is Good

While authors will naturally have a strong attachment to their book, it’s equally natural for them to wonder if the book was enjoyable to their readers. There are two ways for writers to judge the quality of their book: first,

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AuthorHouse Children’s Book Receives Five-Star Rating!

heavenly hugs in authorhouse book publishing

AuthorHouse offers its congratulations to Hannah Grace, author of “Heavenly Hugs.” Hannah’s illustrated children’s book, about a family coping with a tragic event, received a five-star rating from Kirkus Official Review. Check out her book in the bookstore, a

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All About AuthorHouse Author Vicki Kidwell and Her Book!

dark secrets in authorhouse bookstore

AuthorHouse author Vicki Kidwell is a mother of four girls and a grandmother of six. Her parent were born in the South but moved to Maryland, and Vicki is their oldest daughter. In August of 2010, she published “Dark Secrets,”

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Top Tips for Planning a Book Series from AuthorHouse

Top Tips for Planning a Book Series from AuthorHouse 2

AuthorHouse presents four major tips to remember when planning a book series: First, determine the story’s chronology, scope and content. Second, leave room for the characters to grow as the story develops, allowing them a character arc. Third, you should

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AuthorHouse Five-Star Fiction: “The Window Blind”

The fact that AuthorHouse’s Patricia Colton’s novel The Window Blind received a five-star Foreword Clarion review is noteworthy enough; the fact that it’s also her debut novel is even more amazing. “First-time authors face enormous challenges,” says Patricia, “and I’m

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