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Do I need a Literary Agent to Self Publish a book?

Many publishers will suggest that the author hire a literary agent before publishing a book. These literary agents can be expensive and time consuming, and can’t guarantee that they will find a publisher. Often called a publishing agent or book

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AuthorHouse presents “How to Promote Your Book”

How to Promote Your Book by authorhouse

Marketing is always the turning point once a book is done and ready for launch. No matter how well it’s written, or how entertaining the story is, a book that lacks marketing will never find its intended audience. AuthorHouse Publishing

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Social Media, Video and AuthorHouse

social media authorhouse

YouTube is a website that allows individuals to upload, share or distribute videos. It’s an important social media site that can create a viral effect by sharing links through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even emails. AuthorHouse uses YouTube in its social

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Compare Publishing Packages at AuthorHouse

Compare Publishing Packages at AuthorHouse

Authorhouse Self-Publishing Company offers paperback or hardcover packages in the US. You may call 888-519-5121 or contact us at Compare the four package prices below and choose the one that fits your needs: • Paperback and hardcover publishing starting

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How to Self-Publish your Book?

How to Self-Publish your Book in wordpress

Hiring a literary agent is expensive and time-consuming. Over 98% of all unsolicited manuscripts submitted to traditional book publishing companies are rejected.  AuthorHouse is well-suited to your need as an author, allowing you to control all aspects of the process

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AuthorHouse Fantasy-Horror Author VJ Waks

author_vjwaks in authorhouse

AuthorHouse’s VJ Waks shares her two tips for self-publishing authors: first, identify exactly what you want from self-publishing and how best to achieve it. Then, don’t rush into anything and make sure your book is absolutely ready before you proceed.

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Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

The AuthorHouse book publishing company realizes that a writer’s job isn’t done when that final sentence is typed. An important step is completed, sure, but there are a few other crucial steps before your book can end up in your

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Jane Beck’s Publishing Experience

There are many things to consider when you decided to publish a book, not the least of which is whether to self-publishing or pursue a traditional publishing deal. In Jane Beck’s case, the former beat the latter to the punch;

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How to Target Readers for Your Book

how to target audience by authorhouse tips2

You’ve written a book? If so, that’s AWESOME! You have a publisher? Even better! But how will you market your book? AuthorHouse Book Publishing gives you some top tips on how to target the right audience for your book. Suggestions:

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