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AuthorHouse Author Challenge for the Month of October 2013

  October 2013 Author Challenge At the AuthorHouse Writer Advice Center this month, we presented tips for writing biographies and autobiographies. This month’s challenge: Most people have never had a biography written about them. Of those unchronicled lives, who do

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AuthorHouse says, “Social Media Profiles Can Help Make Your Brand”

There are 3 reasons why publishing companies make and maintain social media profiles at sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+ (Google plus) and YouTube. Social media channels allow AuthorHouse to create brand awareness. Through interesting images and contests, we can

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How to be a Successful Self-Publishing Author?

How to be a Successful Publishing Author in AuthorHouse

Being a writer is not easy, but being a self-publishing author presents its own challenges (and rewards.) Here are eight tips for a successful self-publishing experience. Research the market. First and foremost, you should be writing about a subject you

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How to Self-Market as an Author Using Social Media

How to Use by AuthorHouse Publishing Tips

How to Use by AuthorHouse Publishing Tips You’ve written a book and have already published it, but the question is, how will it go beyond your own circle of family and friends to new readers around the world? In

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Top Tips on How to Successfully Market Your Book

how to market your book in authorhouse

How will you market your book successfully once it’s published at AuthorHouse? As an author, it’s your responsibility to strategically promote your self-published book to reach your readers. The first tip is to have a marketing plan, which includes selling your

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