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How Can I Write and Publish My Biography or Memoir?

How Can I Write and Publish My Biography or Memoir

Hopefully we all think that our lives (or the lives of our loved ones) are interesting, with anecdotes and experiences worth saving for future generations. Although there are many ways of passing on our stories, many people find that a

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5 Self-Publishing Mistakes

5 Self-Publishing Mistakes

Today, AuthorHouse presents five common self-publishing pitfalls—and how you can avoid them! Handling your own cover design. Unless you have a background in design, this is definitely something you should leave to a professional. Find someone that has experience designing

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AuthorHouse says, “Social Media Profiles Can Help Make Your Brand”

There are 3 reasons why publishing companies make and maintain social media profiles at sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+ (Google plus) and YouTube. Social media channels allow AuthorHouse to create brand awareness. Through interesting images and contests, we can

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Do I need a Literary Agent to Self Publish a book?

Many publishers will suggest that the author hire a literary agent before publishing a book. These literary agents can be expensive and time consuming, and can’t guarantee that they will find a publisher. Often called a publishing agent or book

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Even After That

EvenAfterThat authorhouse

Even After That Written by: Judith de Wilde Published by: AuthorHouse Publishing Company Date published: 10/13/2010 ISBN: 978-1-45202-231-4 Available in Paperback OVERVIEW: Losing a loved one is a painful, life changing experience.No one can really know how you feel. Even

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How to Target Readers for Your Book

how to target audience by authorhouse tips2

You’ve written a book? If so, that’s AWESOME! You have a publisher? Even better! But how will you market your book? AuthorHouse Book Publishing gives you some top tips on how to target the right audience for your book. Suggestions:

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