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Top Tips for Planning a Book Series from AuthorHouse

Top Tips for Planning a Book Series from AuthorHouse 2

AuthorHouse presents four major tips to remember when planning a book series: First, determine the story’s chronology, scope and content. Second, leave room for the characters to grow as the story develops, allowing them a character arc. Third, you should

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AuthorHouse Writer Bryan Crawford, Awarded Three Stars By Foreword Clarion Reviews

AuthorHouse Writer Bryan Crawford

This novel, by Authorhouse’s Bryan Crawford, received a 3-star rating from Foreword Clarion Reviews, and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable read for those who enjoy family histories. In writing the book, Crawford spent 45 years gathering information about his

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AuthorHouse Five-Star Fiction: “The Window Blind”

The fact that AuthorHouse’s Patricia Colton’s novel The Window Blind received a five-star Foreword Clarion review is noteworthy enough; the fact that it’s also her debut novel is even more amazing. “First-time authors face enormous challenges,” says Patricia, “and I’m

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AuthorHouse presents Tips for Editing Your Book

Done with your manuscript? AuthorHouse presents ten editing tips for self-publishing authors. First, check your grammar; use your word processor’s grammar check function, but be cautious—it’s not always right! Decide on which kind of formatting you prefer, and then mix

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AuthorHouse Fantasy-Horror Author VJ Waks

author_vjwaks in authorhouse

AuthorHouse’s VJ Waks shares her two tips for self-publishing authors: first, identify exactly what you want from self-publishing and how best to achieve it. Then, don’t rush into anything and make sure your book is absolutely ready before you proceed.

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AuthorHouse Writer Rima Jbara Talks about Her Books

AuthorHouse writer Rima Jbara

The prolific and inspirational Middle Eastern author Rima Jbara “Wedding my experiences and visions with my words, I wrote what I wanted not what is expected of me.” Rima Jbara, AuthorHouse author. Find out more about multi-award winning AuthorHouse author

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Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

The AuthorHouse book publishing company realizes that a writer’s job isn’t done when that final sentence is typed. An important step is completed, sure, but there are a few other crucial steps before your book can end up in your

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Jane Beck’s Publishing Experience

There are many things to consider when you decided to publish a book, not the least of which is whether to self-publishing or pursue a traditional publishing deal. In Jane Beck’s case, the former beat the latter to the punch;

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AuthorHouse Testimonial from Patrick G. Cox

AuthorHouse Testimonial from Patrick Cox Book

Who’s in the mood for an adventure? Well, author Patrick G. Cox has adventures to share with his readers. Patrick has published two books with the AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company:  Out of Time, available in e-book and softcover formats, and

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