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Tips for Writing Your Autobiography

In our last installment, AuthorHouse presented our self-publishing writers with five tips for writing biographies. This time, we’d like to shift focus a little, and let the author turn the camera (or the keyboard) towards herself. In other words, we’d

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AuthorHouse Book-To-Screen Packages

Do you dream of seeing your story in the theater, as well as in the bookstore? Do you write your characters with actors already in mind? The AuthorHouse book publishing company offers new writers a wealth of options for their

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Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

tips for writing historical fiction

Historical fiction is one of the most challenging and research-intensive genres of fiction—and also one of the most potentially interesting and rewarding! If you aspire to write about other times and places but don’t know where to start, let AuthorHouse

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Tips on Knowing if your Book is Good

authorhouse Tips on Knowing if your Book is Good

While authors will naturally have a strong attachment to their book, it’s equally natural for them to wonder if the book was enjoyable to their readers. There are two ways for writers to judge the quality of their book: first,

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AuthorHouse Writer Bryan Crawford, Awarded Three Stars By Foreword Clarion Reviews

AuthorHouse Writer Bryan Crawford

This novel, by Authorhouse’s Bryan Crawford, received a 3-star rating from Foreword Clarion Reviews, and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable read for those who enjoy family histories. In writing the book, Crawford spent 45 years gathering information about his

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Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors

The AuthorHouse book publishing company realizes that a writer’s job isn’t done when that final sentence is typed. An important step is completed, sure, but there are a few other crucial steps before your book can end up in your

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The Poetry of Grief

EvenAfterThat authorhouse

Since ink was first put on parchment, people have used poetry to express their emotions. Author Judith de Wilde continues this tradition with Even After That, which Kirkus Reviews describes as “quiet, beautiful poetry of bereavement.” Judith’s verses, accompanied by

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AuthorHouse UK presents How to Use Google+ for Your Book Marketing Part 1

G+ authorhouse marketing tips

AuthorHouse UK Writer Advice Centre in a recent article highlighted the importance of social media in book marketing nowadays. In this article we introduce one particular social media platform for self-published authors to reach their target market. You can create

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